Board of Advisors

Kara Williams

brain treatment foundation

Kara Williams is the co-founder of Brain Treatment Foundation, a 501(c)3 dedicated to the education, active rehabilitation and empowerment of Americans suffering from brain injuries.    

 Kara has spent much of the past 16 years working with wounded warriors and special needs children.  She has played an instrumental role in building out research for veterans suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress and continues to work with cutting-edge medical treatments and programs in an effort to build a pipeline for TBI/PTS patients that is not only effective in symptom relief, but provides healing with longevity.
 Through working closely with service members, a large portion falling under the SOCOM umbrella, Kara experienced the struggles of TBI/PTS and the 22/day suicide rate first hand.  The tremendous need inspired Kara to advocate for not only more effective treatments, but accurate baseline testing, continuing evaluations, long-term care for service members and education about brain health.  She continues to lobby on Capitol Hill and work with public health care authors to affect real change on a level greater than any individual organization

Mason Thompson

Niction Nutrition Fitness Academy

Mason Thompson’s experience began during his 12 years of service in the US Marine Corps. During this time, he gained valuable experience training others to meet their physical needs as he was often tasked with [successfully] conditioning young adults to become physically prepared for the fire service, military service, and personal fitness needs. During his service he also received an education degree and taught for more than 3 years at the Defense Department’s fire academy. During his education studies he attended 2 curriculum development schools and helped develop one of the Defense Department’s curriculums that is still used today. Since, he has become certified as a personal trainer (CPT) by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He is also certified as a Weight Loss Specialist (WLS), Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS), Corrective Exercise specialist (CES), Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), and a Precision Nutrition certified Pro Coach as well as many more disciplines and experiences. His portfolio of clients includes personally training athletes as well as celebrities, and a royal family. He has also been the chief instructor for the National Personal Training Institute in Dallas, Tx where he was able to develop the teaching approach and foundation that is used in part at the academy he founded himself: Niction Nutrition Fitness Academy (NNFA).

Robert Durrant

Design and Renderings

Bob is a 1996 Graduate from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning.  His goal is to integrate the technical tools of today while preserving the authenticity of true architectural design and details from the past.  Bob focuses his spare time on his family and the youth in the community by volunteering at his church and local schools as well as being an active member in The Patriot Guard, which helps remember and honor our fallen heroes.

He is also passionate about designing projects for Rebuilding Our Heroes– further refining our eco-friendly homes made using reclaimed, recycled materials as much as possible for our veterans housing needs. 

Allison Soladay

Allison is a former teacher in Frisco and Prosper ISD and is now working as a realtor and currently becoming a certified interior designer. She and her husband Ryan live in Prosper, with 3 out of their 4 boys, while their oldest son proudly serves as a military police officer. Her son’s decision to serve, changed her entire world, igniting a passion for all things military. To say she is a proud Army mom is an understatement, so Allison’s decision to help Veterans through Rebuilding Our Heroes seemed like a perfect fit.