Container homes built quickly and efficiently utilizing recycled, reclaimed and bio-degradable materials in as many construction applications as possible.

Alternative container home construction

Our mission is to provide housing for veterans who need that extra boost of support and housing to help them become more successful in their endeavors.

We will be using repurposed shipping containers that will be converted into quality homes that will stand the test of time. We use recycled, reclaimed, and biodegradable materials in as many construction applications as possible.

We will hire and train veterans to build these container homes for other veterans.

“Built by veterans for veterans”

Our goal is to provide 20 container homes in 2019 with the goal of scaling up as quickly as possible.

We are currently in the acquisitions phase  working with cities in and around Dallas, Houston and San Antonio to secure a location/facility suitable for our first container home production facility. 

Container home prototype progress

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