Through collaboration with organizations, local communities, veteran owned companies, Rebuilding Our Heroes container home production facility and job placement firms we work to facilitate more jobs for our veterans.


Finding the right career is one of the most difficult transitions for veterans, therefore, we assist them with basics if and when needed i.e  learn how to write a resume, develop leads, conduct job searches, complete job applications, have interviews, participate in internships and volunteer opportunities, and be able to seek out community and companies that hire veterans.

The Career Path program is an integral part of Rebuilding Our Heroes. The curriculum focuses on incorporating their military education, experience, and work histories prior to active duty. We work help them build a portfolio capitalizing on their strengths and previous training, defining further training needed and helping to direct to the appropriate resources.

Part of the mission of Rebuilding Our Heroes is to hire veterans in our own container home construction facilities or help lead them to companies that may be a potential career path for them. 

We collaborate with community partners to provide services that match the veterans’ skills and experience with civilian occupations.


We also assist veterans who want to own their own business, either a new business or one that they had prior to entering the military.

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